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“I am into stock markets from the last 6 Yrs. As usual I did most of the experiments and was not successful. 

At first when I saw Navin's videos on Youtube, I thought that it is yet another video where I may get trapped in a new experiment. As I tried a few paper trades it really worked better than I used to do. That is when i decided to get into MPA 2.0.

As I got into MPA 2.0, Every week I was really curious to know what next. The format is simple, straight forward and perfectly designed.

Navin, thanks for making me understand the thought process of BIGBOY, his POWER, the way he DIGEST'S the BIG MEAL and further to form a MONEY SPOT at the MEMORIES and the kick off from there.

As Navin said, all the life time search for a mentor is gone, no more excuses left.

Thank you again”

Shekhar Anniyappan
Happy Trader

“Firstly I like to say Urban Forex is the best. That problem I had whereby I would enter a trade and it would turn around and hit me after a sideways move, has been solved as the course went by.

You are a man of your word, you indeed said we should be patient as the week progresses it will all make sense and it did. Week 7 killed it, I am now able to see things I never thought of in trading, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.”

Onto Mohlakoana
Happy Trader

“Since I started with the MPA 2.0 I don't know what it is, but things just started clicking. I am still trading the micro markets during this time but since my trades are improving drastically, just by understanding the big boys and the states of the markets, my trades have been profitable. Some took longer, but profitable none the less.”

Anthony Kiser
Happy Trader

“Hi Navin and the UF team, Just wanted to write you a personal note, letting you know that I cannot thank you enough for releasing MPA 2.0.

I started with a real account end of February 2020 and, even though I am still learning from my mistakes and optimizing my entries and exits, my results have exploded! I started with €300 to test the waters and now, just a couple of weeks later, I am close to €900. That's a 200% ROI!

I am now able to consistently take winning trades from anywhere between 20 up to over 100 pips! Even in these difficult market conditions, with fear and many uncertainties, coupled with the fact that I am still in my learning phase, I am 100x the trader that I used to be.”

Martijn van Amstel
Happy Trader

“Hello, my name is Joseph Brooks and this is just a message to Navin and the support team to say thank you!

Navin has made the trading process so much easier for me and I couldn’t be more grateful, as I am trying to build a full time income to this and have been studying over 6 hours daily for the past 2 months. I have a goal to become one of the best traders in this world and Navin has made that process much easier, I am currently in MPA 2.0 but I am extremely looking forward to the iconic trader program, trading is something I dedicated my life to and urban forex really gave me a great understanding of what I need to know, I’m working so hard everyday to get in the Dubai training program and work with Navin face to face, I won’t stop until I’m trading right next to him ! But I just wanted to say thank you guys !! I appreciate every one of you!”

Joseph Brooks
Happy Trader
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  • 8 week powerful training program
  • Lessons released in a logical way every week
  • Daily examples from the LIVE market from each Lesson
  • Includes the basics and more advanced topics
  • A Support Webinar
  • Videos that are available can be watched On-Demand
  • Lifetime Access
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